The B.A.C. and Cedar City

1913-1919: The Story of Cedar City and the B.A.C.

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1913: Changes in the Administration

The school changed administrations in the year 1913 in order to teach college courses and increase enrollment of students. The process of the change is discussed in this section.


1914-1916: Growth of the B.A.C and Cedar City

Once the B.A.C. was established, the town of Cedar City and the school received renovations as new students attended the B.A.C. Principal Roy Homer pushed many of these efforts forward with the support of the Board of Trustees.


1914-1918: War

Cedar City had an interest in the Great War since its inception in 1914. Once the United States declared war on Germany, Cedar City responded patriotically by devoting itself to the war effort.


1918-1919: The Flu

As a result of the Great War, the Spanish Flu was transmitted across the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to the United States. The flu came to Cedar City and cast a shadow over the town which was greater than the one cast by the war.


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